CANCER - The Importance of a Complementary Approach to
Conventional Medicine

A World Health Organization report shows that cancer has now emerged as a major public health threat in developing as well as affluent countries. Some 10 million new cancers were diagnosed globally in 2000 and that number is expected to reach 15 million by 2020.

Despite over 100 years of conventional medical research, cancer continues to claim the lives of an increasingly larger percentage of the population. Dwarfing fiscal concerns, the costs in quality of life and human dignity for cancer patients, families and society are enormous. While new data for 1999 showed death rates, for all cancer cases combined, continued to decline in the United States, growth of an aging population indicates actual numbers of cancer cases can be expected to rise with the increased aging of the population in the coming decades.

Emphasis in cancer treatment for over thirty years has focused on destroying cancer cells by surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Evidence clearly reveals if all cancerous cells are not destroyed or removed, cancer will eventually recur. Since the Vitaletherapeutic approach stimulates immunity, it can be used alone or integrated with conventional treatment protocols to improve outcomes.

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