The VitaleTherapeutic Approach

Over the past several decades, research documenting the effects of nutritional and environmental factors upon cancer prevention and treatment has led to a shift away from the “search and destroy” methods of conventional toxic therapies. Instead, the focus has been upon investigating and understanding what prevents normal cell life, and upon discovering the destructive processes that cause cancer cells to grow and divide uncontrollably.

The Vitaletheine Modulators support immune function capable of destroying cancerous cells that develop from birth onward, through exposure to a multitude of man-made chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, microbial and other toxic environments. These environmental pollutants combine with our modern diet of nutritionally deficient foods, grown in mineral depleted soils, to further harm humans living in the high stress conditions of this modern world with weakened immunity.

Research indicates that our strategy of building a healthy environment for the production ofThe Vitaletheine Modulators will regulate cancer gene expression and help to halt intractable cancer and tumor growth by natural immune function. Nutraceutical and functional food preparations that help build an individual’s healthy ecosystem for the The Vitaletheine Modulators, have been formulated to support natural immune responses that optimize the ability of mammals to thrive.

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