Creating Vitalethine Naturally In the Body

The long, road to new drug approval (Avg. 8 years/$800 Million Dollars would make commercial availability of the Vitaletheine Modulators for human use expensive and unlikely in the near future. Fortunately, research into our body’s natural ability to produce Vitalethine has continued for nearly fifteen years. Scientific research on cancer, heart disease, thyroid function and the immune system corroborates a more comprehensive picture of the nutrients addressing the underlying causes of disease in today’s world. Nutritional ingredients have been identified that nourish the creation, utilization and function of Vitalethine:

(i) to naturally control metabolism, cancer gene expression, tumor growth and other cell aberrations,

(ii) and to support immune function in eliminating those intractable cells that cannot be metabolically regulated.

A broad spectrum of nutritional ingredients have been carefully formulated, using proprietary production processes, that provide building blocks essential to production and utilization of this “vital” component for healthy immune function. The scientific rationale for the selection of nutrients that support Vitalethine focuses on restoring regulation of numerous body pathways including immunity, without poisoning the Vitaletheine Modulators.

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